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About APPC

Aprintiz Press Publishing Company henceforth will be identified as APPC.


APPC has been established since 2001. We have been patiently waiting for the right time to publish and now is such at time. We are now ready to publish other writers’ books and/or help them with self-publication. Anyone could write a book and publish their own work, thus keeping all the proceeds for themselves. With anything in life, it takes prayers, faith, time, money, and patience. We will offer a way for writers' to publish their own work or have APPC represent them and we publish their work. 

We publish writings in all genre and for all age groups.


As it was stated earlier anyone can write a book. Inside each of us there is a story waiting to be told; you just need to know what that story is. 

Enjoy yourself as you browse through APPC site.

Thanks for viewing and hoping to have your support as the books are released.

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