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The story started back in the 50’s and made its way to present day. The story covers what life was like throughout the decades for minorities especially for Blacks. SHE is an organization that battled with racism, gang violence, and ultimately against the USA Government. SHE is an interesting story to see how the organization came about and what took place in the battle against the USA Government. The different events that happens in the story will have you turning every page thirsty for more...

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Journey – A Collection of Short Stories Book 1


The Door: Suddenly, this door appears in the garage of a home. The one who enters the door is taken to a world of their fantasy, in which the creature there is using to locate a certain girl parents to keep her from being born.

Stanley: Every had a pet that you felt the need to keep its existence a secret because the size of it. Well, Stanley a giant spider was such a pet. The mystery with Stanley was what he did to the outside world to protect a little girl from bullies.

Sinclair: These large wolf-like animals protects Sinclair from anyone who enters her home without permission.

Terry: A female pretending to be a boy to play an all-male sport.

Joy: A romance between an older woman and a young popular male musician. The ending to this story is not what we would expect to be as it takes an usual twist.

Helen: The time is early 1900 where the mob was the ruling factor. It was a time where the mob used a professional hitman to get rid of people. What does Helen have to do with the mob and a hitman.

The Kid Next Door: Bullying is a serious act upon kids who are especially different. In Jennifer’s case, her reaction to bullying was not expected and undetected.

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Journey – A Collection of Short Stories Book 2


Isabella Sweets: A ghost used Laurel to track down its killer to get revenge for murdering her and her children.


Kidnapped: A newborn baby was taken from the hospital by a nurse who raised the child as her own.


The Gate: Entering a gate sometimes deadly for those who dare to enter the property.


My Sweet Charity: A love story in which a drug dealer pursued Charity even though he had children by her sister.


Jill: She was in a bad accident with her parents. Jill survived but not her parents. Jill’s life wasn’t the same after the accident.


Backwoods: A small town that isn’t what it looks like. Anyone passing through this city may not leave it.

The Hitchhiker: This hitchhiker terrorized a small town, although she did not bother the people in the town. Certain nights she would leave the city walking and returned with her prey.

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